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Indian Spices
Indian Spices are considered to be the main ingredient of any cuisine, dish or gravy due to their spicy and tangy flavors. They make the food tempting and provide a thick consistency to the gravy.
The Rice we are providing is cultivated in hygienic environment under favorable conditions. It is easy to prepare and takes very less time to cook. This item is consumed on a daily basis for its nutritional values.
Fresh Fruits
Our offered Fresh Fruits are full of nutritional values and are free from any kind of toxins or injections. These are healthy to have and provide numerous benefits to the body.
Rapessed Oil Cakes
Rapeseed Oil Cakes are used for feeding animals in various areas for providing them required or essential nutrients so that they give increased quality as well as quantity of the final product.
Fresh Onions
Fresh Onions are used in preparing various kinds of dishes in homes, restaurants, hotels etc. They enhance the taste as well as aroma of the food and also contains various health benefits.
Mustard Oil Cakes
Mustard Oil Cakes are prepared for giving cattle healthy food  and maintaining their health. These are enriched with high protein content and provide numerous health benefits to the animals.
Rice Bran
Rice Bran Powder controls diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity etc. It is highly consumed by the athletes for increasing their nutrient intake and performance. This product is also good for skin.
Stone Chips
Stone Chips find their application in numerous construction industries and sites. These are mixed with asphalt, cement, sand etc. for the construction of buildings. They are small in size and provide optimum performance.
Fresh Wheat
Fresh wheat we offer is used to make chapati, poori and parantha in every household. The wheat is available with absolute freshness and good taste. This grain is provided in several type of packaging.
Steam Coals
Steam coal is a thermal coal, which is highly appropriate for electric power production. This is demanded for many power plants for the heating the water in boilers. These are required to run the steam turbines and give space heating for businesses and homes.

We accept bulk orders only. Minimum Order Quantity is 500 tons & above.